Saab Signs Contract for Deliveries of New Lightweight Torpedo to the Finnish Navy

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract for production and deliveries of Saab´s New Lightweight Torpedo to the Finnish Navy. The contract signed is part of the Squadron 2000 Mid-Life Upgrade Programme (SQ2000 MLU) of the Finnish Navy´s four Hamina fast attack crafts (FAC) as described in separate Saab press release.

Saab has been selected as a major supplier for the Finnish Navy’s Squadron 2000 Mid-Life Upgrade programme. The Squadron 2000 upgrade will ensure and develop the mission capability of the Finnish Navy. Included in the contract are Saab´s New Lightweight Torpedo, torpedo systems, documentation, training and support. Deliveries will commence in 2018.

System integration of the torpedoes on the Hamina-class vessels will be carried out together with Patria as the prime contractor in Squadron 2000 Mid-Life Upgrade.

“We are honoured that the Finnish Navy has selected Saab as the supplier of this new capability for the Finnish Defence Forces. Saab’s new torpedo has been developed to master the challenging conditions in littoral waters as well as blue waters. With Sweden also having ordered the same system there will be further opportunities for deeper cooperation between the two navies in the anti-submarine domain in the future”, says Anders Gardberg, Director of Saab’s Country Unit Finland.

“This first export order on our new torpedo is a milestone for us and our underwater business. With this order, the Finnish Navy will have the most sophisticated torpedo system available on the market. The torpedo´s wire control system enables operator support, allowing commanders to engage targets in close vicinity of friendly units as well as in narrow spaces. The new torpedo system will give the Finnish Defence Forces a whole new strength”, says Görgen Johansson, Senior Vice President and head of Saab´s Business Area Dynamics.

With this contract, Finland becomes Saab´s second customer on the New Lightweight Torpedo system. In May 2016, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) placed an order for the development and production of the New Lightweight Torpedo system for the Royal Swedish Navy. With Finland and Sweden operating the same torpedo system, training and logistics will be efficient.     

Saab’s Lightweight Torpedo System is a flexible, advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) solution for littoral conditions. This makes it the ideal solution for littorals and resistant to a variety of countermeasures. As a flexible system, it can be launched from surface ships, aircraft and submarines in anti-submarine and anti-surface roles. It works equally well in both littoral and blue waters and in cold, warm and brackish conditions.

Saab Receives NLAW Order from Finnish Defence Forces


Photographer: Puolustusvoimat

Defence and security company Saab has received an order from the Finnish Defence Forces for the Next generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon system (NLAW). Deliveries will take place during 2017.

The Finnish Defence Forces have been a user of the NLAW weapon system since 2007, then becoming the second export customer of the system. This order is a call-up of an option as part of a previous contract with the customer, announced in 2015, regarding delivery of NLAW weapon systems.

“The interest for our NLAW system has increased significantly in recent years. This order is a strong proof of this and we look forward to deliver a high capability weapon system to the Finnish Defence Forces. NLAW provides the single soldier with a true anti-tank capability, previously not available on the battlefield”, says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab´s business area Dynamics”


Photographer: Saab

During the recently held military exercise Aurora 17, in Sweden, the NLAW system was used by both Swedish and Finnish forces.

“There is a long-lasting commercial relationship between Saab and the Finnish Defence Forces. This call-up of an option from the 2015 contract demonstrates high trust and confidence from the Finnish Defence Forces towards the NLAW system”, says Anders Gardberg, head of Saab in Finland. 

NLAW is a shoulder-launched, anti-tank missile system that attacks the target from above. This makes it the most effective anti-tank weapon for dismounted light forces operating in any environment, including built-up areas. Originally developed for Sweden and Great Britain, it meets all requirements for a modern anti-tank weapon system for use during international operations as well as for national defence.

Norwegian Defence Material Agency Sign Framework Contract for Carl-Gustaf ammunition


Defence and security company Saab has signed a framework contract with the Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) for deliveries of ammunition for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. In connection with the award of the contract, the NDMA has issued an initial order for ammunition with a total value of SEK 68 million. Deliveries will take place during the period 2017-2018.

The framework contract signed between Saab and the Norwegian Defence Material Agency enables the customer to place orders for live and training ammunition rounds during the period 2017-2022. The ammunition will be delivered to the Norwegian Armed Forces who currently operate the Carl-Gustaf in both M2 and M3 versions.

“For us this contract is a great sign of the trust that the Norwegian Armed Forces have for us and our products. We pride ourselves on producing ammunition to the highest possible standards as we know that when our customers use our products, they trust in their reliability and effectiveness to do the job”, says Torbjörn Saxmo, head of business unit Ground Combat within Saab’s business area Dynamics.

Saab’s world-leading weapon system Carl-Gustaf has a long and distinguished service history all around the world, including the Nordic and Baltic region. Employing a wide range of ammunition types, the Carl-Gustaf system allows dismounted soldiers to take on multiple challenges – from neutralising armoured vehicles to clearing obstacles and defeating enemies in buildings. The Carl-Gustaf system, which has been sold to more than 40 countries, is successively being developed with new ammunition types and enhanced capabilities.